Victoria Day: celebrate your victories

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Soon Canada will be celebrating one of the most important festivities on its calendar, the penultimate Monday of May is Victoria Day, a date that shines above the others because it is a national festivity. This is a day where parades and fireworks take to the streets, which surely sounds familiar to the Latino community because it is similar to the common “fiestas patronales” in our home countries.

This tradition is to honor Queen Victoria who was on the throne for a long time (1837-1901), and during this period Canada was founded, hence the importance of this day. There is a long weekend as part of the festivities, so it is very common to see families go out of the city for a few days or going to amusement parks. But this is not only to honor the monarch, it is also to celebrate a “Victory against the weather”, because this day is known as the beginning of summer and it seems that the fireworks open this season.

Speaking about victories we need to mention our own victories because everything we have done there is hard work. So this date is perfect to celebrate our success and the best way to do is to enjoy those typical dishes from our homes; that special food that with just by perceiving its aroma we know that they have been cooked in a homemade way and with love, simply, food with a taste of home.

In Paraíso Tropical Latin Market the Latin food is not only colorful dishes, it is a bridge between the person we once dream of being  and who we are now, the one that has achieved their goals and can celebrate them today, including their favorite flavors. Our commitment is to always offer you the best products, and to celebrate the triumphs we have a wide variety of dishes cooked with love and with that special seasoning that you only can find in our kitchens. 

The recommendation is to read this carefully because with all the variety it may seem like you are dreaming. We have for you: Salvadoran, Mexican and Colombian tamales to start the morning, at noon delight your palate with Colombian chicken and meat empanadas, or you can choose the Chilean and Brazilian empanadas. But if you continue celebrating in the afternoon this day of the victories, then your best company will be tacos in its different forms: pastor, carnitas, carne adobada or birria, and for close the day like a real queen (or king) a pozole or yuca with chicharrón will make you feel like a real monarch.

This is the perfect day to savor your success and you only need to check our Kitchen Menu and choose your favorite dishes. Remember that all our food is fresh because it is cooked everyday, so the taste and love like home is there. You are just a call or a click away from enjoying them, you can order your favorite dish as you prefer, here the important thing is to celebrate your victories and, of course, in a Latino way.