Here we provide answers to some of the common questions we receive from our shoppers. You can read this page & also check out our online store to see if your question has already been answered before making an inquiry.

To provide a more certain answer with the latest prices and to know what we have in stock, we would like to suggest that you call or visit one of our store locations:

​Paraiso North Latin Market: 780.479.6000

Paraiso South Latin Market: 780.705.9711

We would like to suggest that you call either of our store locations to know what we have in stock as we do carry different brands & sizes:

​Paraiso North: 780.479.6000

Paraiso South: 780.705.9711

Yes, we now offer delivery service in Edmonton for retail items. For more information, please see our online store guidelines.

Yes, we now offer pick-up orders for retail items. You can order at our online store or by telephone. Once outside the store, call us and we’ll hand in your order to your car. For more information, please see our online store guidelines.

Yes, we do! You can now order our kitchen items through Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats for both locations. For more details, please visit the kitchen menu.

Yes! Corn is a strong staple in Central & South American diets so we have many products that incorporate corn, such as tortillas, masa harina, tamales & empanadas.

Most of our kitchen items are gluten-friendly/gluten-free but we caution people with celiac disease as there still exists a small risk of cross contamination with flour products in our kitchen.

We don’t have vegan options in our kitchen. However, some of our vegan-friendly products in our market include fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, corn flour, pickled cabbage, chilies, herbs & spices.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that we are an imports business, we are, unfortunately, susceptible to current price fluctuations. Reasons for this vary and may include suppliers not having certain products in stock or transportation companies raising prices due to the exchange rates, for instance.

Like other businesses faced with the same realities, we have had to raise product prices to reflect market fluctuations while trying to remain competitive.