Sweet love

There are moments that we keep in our minds as if they were treasures; experiences with such value, beyond the money. We share those special dates with our loved ones and that fills our hearts with happiness and love.
If you think about the moments in which you have felt the most love in your life, surely the memories of the first love make an appearance. Maybe the mind takes you to when you started working at your dream job, and if you have children the birth of each means amazing days. But there was a special feeling that appeared on the chest, which can´t be described.

Defining love or affection universally would be difficult, because every human understands and expresses it in different ways. For some the love looks like a kiss or a hug, for others it is expensive gifts, and for some it takes the form of a candy.
Let’s say that love also looks like a package of paletas payaso that your sister sent you from Mexico to celebrate your birthday, that was her way of saying: I love you.

But love doesn´t borders or is limited to territories, in Colombia looks like an arequipe made by granny to enjoy after the meal, and of course with some Saltín Noel cookies. Maybe your grandmother doesn’t say it, but the fact that she cooks this dessert from scratch shows how much she loves you.

Looking towards the south of the continent this feeling takes the form of dulce de membrillo. Postre vigilante is a classic dessert, and when you try it, it will take you to how Argentinian autumn feels at your mom’s house, she said that it was only a simple dish but it was a lie, because when you tasted it you could feel the affection on your palate.

Love has many forms, every person understands it and feels differently, however, the common thing in every situation is that i´s a feeling looking of being shared, maybe with your family or friends, you only have to let the other person know the affection you have for him.

If you are the type of people who isn’t good with words but wants to express your love or affection to someone at Paraíso Tropical Latin Market we have the perfect candies for say “I love you with different accents; for Colombia we offer you lonjas de guayaba, mixed or only the red ones,  the brevas con dulce de leche and the typical chocoramo, and of course, arepique.

If you’re looking for something with an Argentinian twist we have dulce de membrillo, you can eat with cheese or maybe bake a pastafrola and give it as a gift.
And Mexico isn’t not far behind, because as all we know they love spicy food, so picafresas and a baderilla tamaroca would be the perfect gift, but if you want something sweeter, then you can buy mazapanes de la rosa or a box of duvalín because one piece won’t be enough.

Now that you know where to find candies that say more than a thousand words, all you have to do is decide which of these delicious products you are going to buy, and whom you will share a little piece of the love that these desserts mean in your life.