Spring kitchen

When you think about the spring surely the first thing that comes to mind are the flowers filling the parks with its colors, a clear sky and the Sun shining. All this can make you feel happiness, peace and even love, because when you have that view, the heart fills up.

This scenario is common in Latin countries this season. Perhaps for you the spring isn’t like we mentioned before, but you have the option to bring some of that color and joy to your kitchen; savoring de typical dishes of this region, from seafood to fried food.

The main dish of Peru is ceviche, worldwide knowing that even has a special date to celebrate it in this country. The lead role in this food is fish, and when you add lemon juice the fish cooks due to the acidity of the citric. But if you think this isn’t enough, considers that the complements are choclo (corn) and sliced chili (ají).

If you want something to remember your childhood afternoons, then you need to cook arroz a la primavera or jardinera. The name can be different depending on the country, but the flavor isn’t. In Venezuela cook a white rice with pieces of tomato, carrot, onion and peas. To give it the characteristic yellow color you only have to add a pinch of turmeric powder and that’s it!

If your palate is demanding and need a dish with a previous bath in oil, may you can prepare the typical Mexican fried shrimp empanadas. In this season of the year this is a common dish of the centre of the country, from homemade empanadas to those selling at a restaurat or local markets. The dough is very simple to make with flour, oil and water. The filling is made of with shrimps, tomato, onion, coriander,  avocado, and also the typical Valentina sauce for a spicy touch.

If you have come to this far and savor each dish, at Paraíso Tropical Latin Market we offer you all the products so you can cook the dish that sounds most delicious to you. We have: choclo and chili of different colors, rice and turmeric powder, also the flour and the Valentina sauce. We put the ingredients and you the seasoning to welcoming the spring as it deserves; con la panza llena y el corazón contento (with a full belly and a happy heart).