Río of color and flavor

Undoubtedly the most important thing of a country is its people, because they’re who share their identity with the world, from their life style to the depest beliefs and celebrations. Indeed each place has issues that makes feel proud to everyone who lives there. But there’s an specific region that shines because of its people, and that place is Latin America.

There’s a diversity between the latin countries, and say that everyone that were born there have the same behavior maybe seems risky. But the truth is that each place has something special, a thing that makes it different and recognized worldwide.

For instance, in Brazil there are many options to identify a carioca in any part of the world; their paradisiacal destinations, sports stars and music are only a few aspects that most boast about the peple from this part of South America. Even there’s a celebration where the purpose is to celebrate and enjoy their special things, and that party is the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

Like almost all the carnivals in the world this also beggins 40 days before the Lent, in other words, the last Friday before the Ash Wednesday and finish a week later. This celebration is making according to the Catholic calendar, because it indicates the dates for this important events for the religion.

By the way, is necessary to highlight that the carnival of Rio is one of the most importat carnivals all over the world. Only during the days that the party takes the streets, 15 million people are going to be in the city, not only Brazilian people, also from any country.

This festivity started in the mid-1800s, at that moment the participants danced to the rhythm of polkas. Nowadyas the reality is different because the common dance, and even a hallmark of the country, is the samba.

Among the typical activities of this festival are the streets parties, where the people in costume go to have fun. But if is this about dancing, the classic samba is perfect. Here the samba academies go to a competition to win the tittle of the “Parade champion school”. Of course the food has a leading role in this celebration with the feijoada.

If after reading this you have a bittersweat taste because you would love to live the Brazilian carnival, but without taking a plane to the tip of South America, then your best option is to celebrate it at home. And you can find all the necessary products to make your own party at Paraíso Tropical Latin Market.

We have everything you need for the typical feijoada, that it can go with a glass of groselha or guaraná. But if the desserts are your thing, then try a Chocolicia or the Ouro Branco marshmallows because they will be delicious to your palate. And for those who are fans of baked dishes we have the cassava flour or fahrina de mandioca to cook the classic cheese breads that even fit with a cup of coffe.

And that is only a small sample of the wide range of Brazilian products that we offer you. Encourage to live the carnival of Rio with all the color and flavor of the country, and surely you will feel as if you are at the beautiful Copacabana beach.