Magical Beverages

Every country has something to be proud, it can be its architecture, festivities or their history. If you look to other places you can see different realities about national pride.

For example, in France the bread is a big thing and is something that makes French people feel proud. For them go everyday to the bakery is almost a duty, because the bread for them is basic of their everyday life and their identity.

In fact, reality in Latin America isn’t too different, but it has a special twist.  There the food shine over almost everything, even of their most great and historic places. The countries in there have unique meals and if you taste it, you can understand why people there love it like it was something heavenly.

The food in Latin America is special and the people who cook it gives certain power, because the locals say that it has healing powers. Think about lomo saltado with rice and fries from Perú, this meal can make feel anyone better. And if you add a bottle of Inca Kola you will be again in your childhood, becuase this soda makes feel like this for who taste it. So as a result you have the whole package  to be the happiest all the week.

But if you’re loocking for some food that can take away the laziness and sadness, then is your moment to cook carne mechada with rice, black beans and fried ripe banana, for a special twist add one Maltín Polar fresh out of the fridge. You can be sure that this food can raise your energy and also take you back to Venzuela.

By the way, if the last days you were feeling like you need a loving hug from mom or grandma, then tamales mixtos with freshly made arepas is the perfect meal for you. And naturally a glass of Postobón is the key for make this food excepcional. This can take you back to when you had 10 years old and the smell from the kitchen could get out of the bed to the laziest person of home.

Perhaps there are still some doubts about the powers of the Latin food to delete negative feelings, then it is time to eat an authentic Guatemalan dish. A bottle of grape or strawberry of Salvavidas with one shuco de longaniza, with guacamole, cabbage, mayo and mustard, can put a smile on the face for the one who tastes it. It’s ike magic.

Actually there are some dishes that don’t take away the sickness, but they can use as a remedy. For that a bottle of lemon or tangerine Jarritos with tacos after a party is the best choice. This soda has the power to wipe out the efects after a mexican party. Also Jarritos is a classic from daily life in Mexico, and its sweet and varied flavor makes it the perfect soda for children and adults.

Last but not least, at Paraíso Tropical Latin Market you can find this beverages that bring happiness, love and energy to those who drink it. Only a few examples have been mentioned here, but at the store or even online you can choose between almost 100 hundred beverages from different latin countries . And if you try it the sodas from other places you can taste it the charm of their dishes and see that magic comes in bottles from many colors and flavors.