Life is a carnival

February begins and the winter has to say godbye with its cold weather. Now it’s time to the spring to show its bright colors and flowers. For making the happy vibe in the atmosphere, the typical clear skies with the sun shining above are the perfect match.

For those who love this season of the year but can’t wait until the spring equinox, there is an option to feel this weather before that date. In certain part of the world there are some cities that seems from a movie because a celebration full of joy and happiness take the streets, and that place is Latin America.

Altouhg the idea about the Latinos and its constant parties is almost a cliché, this time isn’t way to deny it. The purpose of carnivals is to celebrate and share happiness in the streets with your family or friends. The most important thing is enjoy.

Carnivals have a religious origin that’s why they begin on the Thursday before the Lent and the end is the day before “Ash Wednesday”. As we all know the purpose is to don’t eat meat like Jesus did fasting during 40 days before his death. For the Christianity its a way to prepare the body in a spiritual way for the Easter.

For this reason carnivals are celebrated in advance, to keep the respect that this date means. Nowadays, this celebration is looking to make people to enjoy the life through music, dance and even the party, but in a harmony and happiness way.

There are different carnivals, but there is one that stands out because in 2003 it was declared Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNCESCO, and that is the carnival from Barranquilla, Colombia. Here the party begins almost a month before with the pre-carnival season, there are artistic exhibitions, the coronations to the popular queens and a dance competition.

One of the icons of this festival is the “Batalla de las Flores” a parade where the queen of the carnival is the main character throwing flowers to the people. In this celebration are carriages decorated with various topics in which there are orchestras and singers that put the flavor in the parade. Also dancers and people in costumes put the comedy touch. This festival goes around the principal streets of the city.

In fact an indegenous, European and African mixtoure between the customes from each of this cultures is the origin of this tradition. The music and dancers are in charge to raising the joy of the people that has traveled from different parts of Colombia only for dance an authentic cumbia or puya in Barranquilla.

This celebration comes with the spring vibe and fill with joy to all the people that live this experience in Barranquilla. Of course, not everyone can travel to there but is possible to make a carnival in home.

To celebrate the Colombian carnival in your home, you have to go to Paraíso Tropical Latin Market, because there are a wide range of products to make a party. In the store you can find products like: flour to cook arepas or tamales, the typical Postobón and candies like brevas stuffed with dulce de leche or the classic Chocoramo that you can eat with a cup of coffe. All of this only for enjoy the life like it was a party or like a song says, un carnaval.