Latin Spring

As Latinos we know that the seasons of the year are specific; we associate autumn with Halloween or the Day of the dead, winter with Christmas or New Year’s Eve, and spring with the colors of flowers in their maximum splendor, like the Sun that shines and fills the atmosphere with warmth. We assume that in almost all countries the seasons are the same, but when we explore new places we find out it is not.

Speaking about Canada, spring takes time to arrive, that is why you must have your jacket, an umbrella and a special footwear because it can even snow. This situation, the trees without leaves and the thaw is a big change from our reality which is reflected in our mood, besides the weather and the distance with our loved ones can make us feel nostalgia.

However, there is a trick to fight against cold weather that may be freezing our hearts too, and it is through those special dishes; those who remind us of our origin and it is even possible to feel the spring and the love from our family in one sip.

In Mexico when it is cold it is very common to cook homemade atole. This is a hot drink that you can cook in less than 10 minutes, because you can buy a little packet of strawberry or chocolate flavored cornstarch at any shop. But don’t let the simplicity of its preparation get you confused because it doesn’t limit the flavor and love which it is cooked.

If we go to another country, in Colombia the tradition is to have hot chocolate for breakfast, but with one special characteristic: they add cubes of cheese. The intention of this is to give it a twist and also make a contrast between sweet and salty. With this surely our mood and temperature will automatically rise, and this will take us back to mom’s kitchen. But if your palate is demanding, a cup of the best coffee in the world, for many, is the perfect drink to feel warmth like you were in Cartagena.

Now that you know the best strategy to deal with the spring cold, make this the most pleasant season of the year. You just have to decide what to cook to eliminate the cold. Think of that drink that will make you feel like you are hugging one of your loved ones.
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