It tastes like mom’s love

In the calendar there are special dates that we look forward to with such joy, that we even count the days until that special moment. Those days mean celebrations where the family and friends get together and that is the reason why those days are so relevant in our lives.

Within those festivities, of course ,there is a space for Christmas and Halloween, these are days full of joy and fun, and even with their differences they have something in common; those are dates to share with our loved ones a moment of happiness. However, there’s a day that goes further, one that shines above the others andi t is Mother’s Day.

The date of mom’s celebration changes worldwide, for Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador on May 10 is dedicated to them. In countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Honduras it will be on the14th of the same month and this year it will also be the same day for the United States and Canada. Beyond the differences between the dates, the main thing is that all these places have in common the importance of celebrating the most special women in our lives.

But within happiness it is possible that certain nostalgia arrives, because when we are far from home and from those who love us, days like this feel different. There is some sadness in the atmosphere, especially because there is a distance with that person who has loved us without limit and has filled us up with love, even before she met us, that person who can say I love you with no words.

Latin mothers have a special seasoning, like some kind of talent that only them have and with which they can cook wonders. In our culture food is very important, it has a special role in communication because for mothers it is the favorite tool to show their love. You just have to think about those moments when she cooked pozole for your birthday, or the classic baleadas for breakfast, even a sancocho after school, all these dishes with the purpose of showing love, but in their own way.

So on this Mother’s Day you want to be close to her despite the distance, the best way is to pay tribute to her the same way as she always showed limitless love; cooking those magical dishes that taste like a comforting hug from her or a kiss on the cheek after a scolding for our sake.

Think about how you would show mom the love you feel for her, maybe some Salvadoran pupusas pastelitos would be the right ones, but if you are from Venezuela then pabellón criollo with a delicious arepas will be the perfect match. For the chapines, plantains in mole are the sweet twist or perhaps the enchiladas are the perfect dish, and those are just some options to show the mom’s love with the help of the kitchen.

To cook those dishes full of love we don’t have to worry about the ingredients, because at Paraíso Tropical Latin Market we have a wide variety of products for cooking the dish that you had chosen to celebrate mom. We have beans or caraotas, tostadas, tortillas, mole, hominy, yuca, harina pan, corn, as well as the condiments and the spices necessary to fill the food with flavor, like achiote and a big variety of chili peppers, including ready-to-eat pastelitos. This is a special occasion to connect with our mother, wherever she is, in a different and special way, don’t let the distance be an obstacle to taste the mom’s love in a spoonful.