Diet means: Rosca de Reyes and tamales

If you thought that with the end of the Christmas Holidays it was the perfect time to come back to the gym to slim down the belly that all the overeating left you with, perhaps you need to have your mind open about that, because the excess of this delicious food didn’t end with the 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve, in fact it only took a break to came back like a Rosca de Reyes joined with a cup of atole or hot chocolate; the perfect team for this weather.

The tradition of “partir” the Rosca de Reyes every January 6 has its origin in France and Spain during the Middle Ages, and with the Spanish colonization in Mexico this tradition became part of our culture. 

The story tell us that Tres Reyes Magos: Melchor, Gaspar y Baltazar traveled from East to Jerusalem to adore the Niño Jesús, and the day when they finally meeting is named as Epiphany, so that is why in other countries is celebrated this date with that name.

In every country it’s celebrated in different ways, but all they have one thing in common, no matter if you’re in Europe or America, and that is the Rosca de Reyes and the surprises inside of it.

In France they eat Galette des Rois, in which they hide one bean and whoever finds it will be the King one day, in Spain they called Roscón de Reyes and there is also a bean inside, but unlike France this has a negative meaning, because the person who discover the legume must pay the bread, it also includes small figures of the Reyes Magos that symbolize good luck to the person that finds one.

In Latin America is a tradition share the Rosca de Reyes, but each country put its twist on it. The bakeries in Argentina offer it decorated with figs, glazed fruit and pastry cream, in other places like Guatemala and Honduras the custom is similar; we’re talking about a bread decorated with candied fruit in which there is hidden doll representing the Niño Jesús.

As we know in Mexico the Rosca de Reyes is an oval bread, that means the infinite love to God, and the decorations with the dried fruit means the jewels of the crowns of Melchor, Gaspar y Baltazar, of course a surprise is also included inside: it’s a doll to symbolize the Niño Jesús and if you find this little guy you have to make the tamaliza on February 2 which is Día de la Candelaria.

If you were the lucky one who discovered the doll in its mouth after biting the Rosca, don’t worry, because at Paraíso Tropical Latin Market we have everything you need for your tamaliza: from the corn leaves or banana leaves (depending on your taste), and if you decide to make them with chicken or meat we have all the condiments to fill the tamales with flavor, also you can find with us maizena because the hot atole can’t miss.

So the tip it’s that for now it will be better to postpone the beginning of the diet because the end of the festivities where the food isn’t the main character looks far away. But if you see the bright side, you can take the Rosca and tamales like a protein for a higher performance at your exercises routines.

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