And the award for the best food goes to…

On Sunday, March 12, the 95th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards better known as the Oscars, will take place in Los Angeles, California. In this ceremony, the best of the cinema is reward, from the movies, actors, directors, and everyone who are into this world, where the most amazing ideas become a reality in the big screen.

The cinema is undoubtedly an experience that is always enjoyed. No matter if you prefer comedy or drama movies, because looking a history that you read in a book or one that you never imagined, even in your worst dreams, become in an adventure full of feelings and emotions. And all this won’t be possible without the main characters; the actors.

In this gala the best of the cinema is rewarded, but a lead that is always there when you’re going to see a movie, in your house or at a movie theater, is being pushed aside. And that protagonist is the food.

If you are part of those who prefer enjoy their favorite movie in pajamas laying on their sofa, and also if you’re excited for the ceremony, here we have some Latin dishes, so your palate can taste the best gastronomy in the world.

How about eating some chorizo tacos with a twist of chipotle sauce? That will be the best way to support Mexico and their Oscar nominees; Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro and Salma Hayek. If you choose something easier then a bottle of Jarrito with a bag of ultra flamin hot Ruffles and a marzipan (to contrast the spiciness) is for you. And yes, that will make you feel like the winner of the night.

But if you want to support the Argentinian Santiago Mitre, this is the perfect moment to drink a mate with bizcochitos de grasa, a typical dish from this South American country. If you are looking for something sweeter then a sandwich with dulce de leche is the dish for you.

Now that we are at this part of the continent we have to emphasize that Colombia also will be part of this ceremony, Sofia Carson sings “Applause”  wich is nominateed for best original songs. So it’s the right time to try a Colombian chorizo with arepas, or for the cold weather cook buñuelos with a cup of chocolate. This surely will make you feel the luckiest of the award. Although you are not even nominateed.

All the ingredients that you need to make such dishes, from chipotle sauce, yerba mate, dulce de leche, the Colombian chorizo and the Buñuelina mix are aviable at Paraíso Tropical Latin Market. Now you only have to choose wich one you want to cook, and pick the best dish of our gastronomy. We wish you luck in such a difficult choice.